• 06
  • Dec


  • Friday from 5:30 to 6:30
  • 3150 US-21, Suite 104. Fort Mill, SC 29715

Testing will usually occur on the second Friday of even months (5:30 pm for dragons and 6:00 pm for all other belts). Students must be registered the Tuesday prior to testing date. Testing day will let your student show everything they have learned in class over the previous 2 months! Students will be required to perform their entire form (knowing the name and meaning of the form) as well as performing their one-steps or free sparring. Blue belts and above will also break boards! This a formal event and students are required to be dressed in their FULL white uniform with patches.

  • 09
  • Dec

Buddy Day

  • Monday during your class time
  • 3150 US-21, Suite 104. Fort Mill, SC 29715

A time to bring your buddy for a special night of games, races, and taekwondo. Your buddy can earn their very own white belt and the student who brings a buddy gets their belt early! This is always the Tuesday after testing. Don’t forget about our referral program.

  • 10
  • Dec

Awards Night

  • Tuesday at 6:00Pm
  • 3150 US-21, Suite 104. Fort Mill, SC 29715

This is our night to get together and celebrate everyone’s accomplishments. The Thursday After testing at 6pm we gather in full uniform to get new rank belts, certificates, and other acknowledgments (honor roll or student of the cycle). We usually take lots of pictures on this night too. We usually eat at Carmella’s or have a pot luck here at the school afterwards. This is a night of camaraderie where even those who didn’t test come and cheer on those whom did.

  • 31
  • Oct

Halloween Party

  • Thursday at 6:00PM
  • 3150 US-21, Suite 104. Fort Mill, SC 29715

Our favorite time of year at Kinetic Tkd! We celebrate with a night of costumes, fun, food, games, and crafts. Come join us for a free Halloween Party. Come in costume to enter our costume contest.

  • 8-10
  • Nov

Winter Camp 2019

  • Friday between 1pm and 2pm
  • 1225 Camp Hanes Rd. King, NC 27021

Winter camp is the best time to make new friends, learn from masters from all over the region, and have a blast doing Taekwondo. We travel to a YMCA camp near Winston Salem and stay there for 3 days of great food, fun, and learning. Don't miss out on something students and instructors from around the region call "the best event of the year".

  • 17
  • Nov

Women's Self Defense Class

  • Sunday Time: 2pm
  • 3150 US-21, Suite 104. Fort Mill, SC 29715

Women's self defense is not just for adults. This class is for all ladies ages 12+. You will learn tips and tricks to stay out of danger and how to get out of a situation if you get into